The You-Have-To-Go-Through-A-Lot-Of-Crap-To-Get-To-Good-Ideas Book



By David Guerrero
Published by Milflores Publishing Inc. ©2022.

Creative Chair and CEO of BBDO-Guerrero David Guerrero lets us in on a “not-so-secret secret”–crap ideas may not necessarily be all crap. His book impassions people who have almost given up on generating “good” ideas and are discouraged in their quest for creativity. He says, “Great innovations rarely come fully formed into the world. Nearly everything starts out as crap.” As someone who has to come up with unique ideas for a living, David assures us that the key is to keep trying even though everything we come up with seems crappy. In this small volume with big ideas, David talks about creativity and the often burdensome demands on ourselves to be creative.

Description: 77 pages ; 15.3 x 11.5 cm

Language: English

ISBN: 978-971-828-113-0

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