Roots and Paradoxes: The Filipino Voices of Carlos Bulosan and Carlos Villa

"Roots and Paradoxes: The Filipino Voices of Carlos Bulosan and Carlos Villa," now on display until September 11, 2024 Dive deep into the profound narratives of writer and activist Carlos Bulosan and artist Carlos Villa. From Bulosan's evocative prose portraying migrant struggles to Villa's daring artistic explorations challenging conventions, this exhibition promises an enriching journey through Filipino-American experiences. Join us as we explore the enduring impact of their voices on our understanding of identity, belonging, and representation.

Fernando Amorsolo: Partnership with The Danilo Soriano Family Foundation and The Fernando C. Amorsolo Art Foundation

The Yuchengco Museum is deeply honored and grateful to receive five remarkable paintings by National Artist Fernando Amorsolo, a generous bequest from The Danilo Soriano Family Foundation. This significant contribution enriches our Main Gallery, aligning seamlessly with our year-long exhibition showcasing the Yuchengco Group’s corporate collection of Amorsolo masterpieces. The synergy between Yuchengco Museum's commitment to promoting artistic legacies and the Fernando C. Amorsolo Art Foundation's dedication to preserving the Maestro's unique style is truly commendable. Together, we continue to foster appreciation for Philippine art and heritage. This collaboration not only pays tribute to Dr. Danilo Buenaflor Soriano, a Filipino physician based in the US but also propels us toward a future filled with more art, learning, and community support.

Blue Horizons by Glenn A. Bautista (RCBC Corporate Art Collection)

"Blue Horizons" by Glenn A. Bautista Curated from RCBC's corporate art collection Bautista, a luminary in Philippine art, received training from UST, UP College of Fine Arts, and even the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Germany. His artistic legacy, woven with shades of blue and expansive horizons, reflects a profound connection to both the physical and spiritual dimensions. Let his artwork transport you to a place of gratitude for life's experiences, painted in hues of blue and boundless horizons. Experience the magic of Glenn A. Bautista's journey, where every brushstroke tells a story of gratitude and wonder. Don't miss out on this extraordinary exhibition!

Dancing with Artifacts: Ramon Arevalo Obusan

Dancing with Artifacts is an exhibit highlighting the objects, textiles & research from the collection of Ramon Arevalo Obusan (National Artist for Dance). Ramon Obusan’s collection showcases his study and immersion into the local culture of the different regions in the Philippines, the history behind the traditions and how they have been passed on through generations.

Philippine Art Awards 2019-2020: Quest for Quality

The Philippine Art Awards has, through the years, tried to cast a wide net to offer opportunities for Filipino artists to participate in an open competition in art. This has allowed them to locate their talent and expression in a field with others and to find out where they are at in the landscape of fellow aspirants, who may be peers or mentors, students or seasoned practitioners.


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