The Subversive Reader: Essay on Critical Theory, Cultural Politics and Philippine Insurgent Experience (SB)



By Epifanio San Juan, Jr.; Foreword by Peter McLaren
Published by Vibal Group, Inc., ©2023.

The Subversive Reader: Essays on Critical Theory, Cultural Politics, and the Philippine Insurgent Experience is a collection of 22 seminal essays by E. San Juan, Jr. These essays span a wide range of topics, from commentaries on Western cultural studies to reflections on postcolonial theorizing and aesthetic trends. As a historical materialist, San Juan employs speculative methodology to illuminate cultural issues that have been clouded by a normative Eurocentric ideology. His work is now challenged by a more geopolitical, emancipatory, and oppositional perspective.

The book delves into critical theory, examining cultural politics and the complex experiences of the Philippine insurgent movement. Through rigorous analysis, San Juan sheds light on the intersections of theory, politics, and cultural production. Whether you’re a scholar, student, or simply curious about these themes, The Subversive Reader offers thought-provoking insights into the dynamics of power, resistance, and cultural transformation.

Description: 538 pages ; 20.6 x 15 cm

Language: English

ISBN: 978-971-97-0856-8

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