The Reddest Rose Unfolds



By Liv Stromquist
Published by Milflores Publishing Inc. ©2022.

Why does Leonardo di Caprio date an endless string of 20-something models without ever committing to one partner?

Liv Stromquist answers, in a well-researched humorous comic essay, how philosphers and artists, from the ancient Greeks to Beyonce, conceptualize romantic love.

Stromquist’s signature characters offer sharp commentary as they guide readers throught history, showing the changes in societies’ values: from showing love/loving to getting love/being loved. The Reddest Rose wonders–in our a ratioalist, consumerist world–can romantic love survive?

“Read, chuckle, learn. Highly recommended.” Ninotchka Rosca, author of State of War

“Waiiiiit, this isn’t your kilig kinda komiks book. It is a well-written kinda research with a spectacular spread of dancing dolphins in the horizon.” Bebang Siy, manunulat ng It’s a Mens World

Description: 169 pages ; 19.9 x 15 cm

Language: English

ISBN: 978-971-828-123-9

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