The Adobo Chronicles



Published by Negros Cultural Foundation, ©2020.

None as anticipant as the palace about to welcome its initial bite of adobo. A mere waft of it as one arrives home means the long busy day just done has a happy ending. Filipinos abroad are defined by it, by beaming friends who have fallen in love at first bite. Once humbly concocted for the practical purpose of extending the shelf life of meats with the pungent power of vinegar and blended spices, the classic adobo has definitely scaled up to the highest places of culinary altars worldwide.
On the 21st year of the Negros Adobo Festival, we pay tribute to the queen of Philippine cuisine with this book, a complete array of adobo versions to date, each an award-winning masterpiece inspired by the infusion of heretofore unlikely ingredients: vegetables… seafood… about…
Indeed, Philippine adobo will keep evolving even as it remains peerless as a palate pleaser for kings and paupers alike.
-Lyn B. Gamboa
Description: 71 pages : color illustrations ; 26.5 x 26 cm
Language: English

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