Sin: A Novel



By F. Sionil Jose
Published by Solidaridad Publishing House, ©1994, 3rd Printing 2009.

Don Carlos Cobello, diplomat, hacendero, nationalist entrepreneur, and gourmet, tells his story without reservation. If he sounds and looks familiar, it is because F. Sionil Jose has drawn another unforgettable character from the incredible reality of the Philippines. In this reality, the higher one goes up, the whiter it becomes — Spanish white, not American, because the Americans did not stay long enough. Indeed, here is fiction having difficulty catching up with reality. Here is history as Filipinos with no sense of the past should know it. And finally, here is sin not as moral stigma but as a pervasive social condition.

Description: 210 pages ; 23 x 15 cm

Language: English

ISBN: 971-8845-24-0

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