Salungat: A Soledad S. Reyes Reader



Edited by David Jonathan Y. Bayot
Published by Vibal Group, Inc., ©2012.

Soledad S. Reyes is one of the most important and prolific critics writing today. Through her counter-presence as a Philippine critic, she has provided a sustained critical intervention in the scholarship on Philippine studies, specifically in the areas of critical practice, Tagalog novels, women’s literary production, and popular culture.

Salungat: A Soledad S. Reyes Reader presents a wide-ranging selection of essays that are representative of Reyes’s provocative and significant engagement—against the grain— with Philippine literary and cultural studies for more than thirty years. An introduction by the editor, David Bayot, outlines Reyes’s critical development and the essential configuration of her kritika. This book will prove to be an indispensable resource for scholars and seekers inhabiting and transacting in the inter-discursive fields of Philippine post-colonial, women’s, and cultural studies.

Description: 474 pages ; 23 x 16 cm

Language: English

ISBN 978-971-97-0124-8

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