White Lady Black Christ



By Charlson Ong
Published by Milflores Publishing Inc. ©2021.

“A triumph of a cross-cultural thriller!” –Philippine Star

“The ingredients that make an Ong crime-thriller aren’t just what one requires of the genre as a matter of generic expectation. Rather, Ong delivers on the secret spice that has always been his forte across all the genres in which he has dipped his pen: the life of the Filipino Chinese in a country where they are both intrinsic and other.” –Philippine Daily Inquirer

“White Lady, Black Christ does not only carry a stirring narrative, but also strings along lessons in anthropology, sociology, and history. Charlson Ong blends the story with social commentary on different topics like colonial history, government corruption, and Philippine society in general. Furthermore, it makes various references to important historical events like Martial Law and EDSA, and to real-life cult organizations like Lapiang Malaya and Aum Shinrikyo.” –Bookbed

A religious, cross-cultural conspiracy that could shake the foundations of faith.

When an explosion occurs in front of Dr. Chester Limhuatco’s condominium, events unfold leading to his discovery of Emily, the “white lady” he has been having visions of. To discover her identity, he enlists the help of former classmate Jefferson Po, a government agent Emily works closely with. Together, Chester and Jefferson pursue the mystery surrounding Emily and her involvement with Tata Peping, a modern day “Itim na Nazareno” or Black Christ.

Set in the midst of Quiapo, the heart of the frenzied devotion and veneration of the statue of the Black Nazarene, White Lady, Black Christ is a high-stakes pursuit of the truth behind a strange brotherhood and the rituals surrounding blind devotion and the search for salvation as told by a masterful storyteller.

Description: 276 pages ; 20.3 x 12.6 cm

Language: English

ISBN: 978-971-828-136-9

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