The Life and Works of Luis Ac-Ac of Paete


Edited by Celestino Palma III
Published by Celestino M. Palma III & Reyes Publishing, ©2017.

The first monograph on the work of Luis Ac-Ac (b. 1952), a classical sculptor from Paete, Laguna, authored by Celestino Palma III. The first half of the book covers Paete and its carving history and tradition, including a listing of consecutive generations of master sculptors who contributed to the fame of Paete. The second part discusses the life and work of Luis Ac-Ac, considered as the best realist sculptor of wood in Paete today. Featured in the book are many of his works with varied subject matter, including religious statues, children at play, men and women at work, Philippine folklore, nudes, portraits and other subjects.

Description: 292 pages : 31 x 31 cm

Language: English

ISBN: 978-971-575-048-6

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