Barako 77: The Story of Environmental Activism in San Juan, Batangas (SB)



Edited by Maria Karina Garilao and Katherine G. Lacson
Published by Baraco Book Publishing House, ©2024.

“This book is a comprehensive documentation of one rural community’s opposition to a national government project that made perfect sense to planners and technocrats but not to its ordinary citizens… The residents struggle to keep it that way despite the promises of instant industrialization is a case study that community leaders and policymakers alike will find immensely instructive.” -Prof. Randy David

“Barako 77 celebrates the grit of the San Juaneños, made more relevant in our times with the increasingly gnawing peril of climate change and the continued ravaging of our natural environment in the name of profit and progress. It is a story worth telling and retelling as a testament to the extent to which community mobilization can succeed in the struggle to keep what ultimately matters — should matter — to all humans, which is a liable planet.” -Carmita Eliza De Jesus Icasiano, PhD

“Barako 77 is a captivating read that leaves a lasting impression and inspiration to the new generations of Filipinos — that no seat of power is strong enough against a united voice.” -Baby Ruth Villarama

Description: 153 pages ; 27.8 x 20.2 cm

Language: English

ISBN: 978-621-96876-0-7

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