A Visual Guide to Philippine Fauna (SB)



By Jastine Isabelle C. Rosit
Published by Vibal Group inc., ©2022.

Referencia Moderna: A Visual Guide to Philippine Fauna is an adventuresome field guide on the country’s animal life. It aims to give the young and the young a complete picture of the country’s endemic wildlife, distribution, and conservation status. The book is replete with vivid images of actual animals in the wild and comes with basic information and interesting trivia about Philippine fauna, including the scientific and local name, habitat, diet, and way of life of each species.

The book is divided into the following chapters:

  • The Beginning of Aguila’s Quest: Animalopedia
  • The Journey to Mammal Land: Mammalsin the Philippines
  • In Search of a Bird Sanctuary: Birds in the Philippines
  • Herpetofauna in Peril: Reptiles and Amphibiansin the Philippines
  • The Plight of Marine Life: Fish in the Philippines
  • A Closer Look at the World of Butterflies:Butterflies in the Philippines
  • The Breathtaking Stopover: Key Biodiversity Areas in the Philippines
  • Facing the Dangers that Abound: EndangeredSpecies in the Philippines
  • Gearing up for the Real-life Quest: WildlifeConservation and Protection

Description: 129 pages : color illustrations ;  27.8 x 21.3 cm

Language: English

ISBN 978-971-07-5669-8

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