Luzon at War: Contradictions in Philippine Society, 1898-1902



By Milagros Camayon Guerrero
Published by Anvil Publishing, Inc., ©2015.


Mila Guerrero’s Luzon at War, first written in 1977, grew out of a world in motion seeking to understand another earlier era of radical turmoil. Its findings helped lay the groundwork for the emergence since the 1980s of new ways for understanding the historical roots and unresolvable contradictions of the Philippine Revolution.

The book puts forth a series of questions about the colonial origins of the nation, the tensions between State and society, the role of the intelligentsia, and the resistance of ordinary people that successive generations of scholars are still seeking to come to terms with. It remains arguably the most astute critique of the first Philippine Republic, laying bare many of the sources of today’s political and social problems.

Description: 295 pages : illustrations ; 23 x 15 cm

Language: English

ISBN: 9789712732560

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