Jose Rizal Sculptor



Edited by José Maria A. Cariño
Published by Celestino M. Palma III & Reyes Publishing, ©2020.

“Jose Rizal Sculptor” by Celestino M. Palma III and edited by Jose Ma. Cariño is a valuable addition to the Rizaliana heritage, shedding light on the rich persona and history of Dr. Jose Rizal. This book specifically delves into his lesser-known role as a sculptor, a facet that has often been mentioned only in passing in other works.

In this meticulously crafted volume, you’ll explore Rizal’s passion for sculpture, which complements his multifaceted identity as a Filipino Renaissance Man. The book provides insights into his artistic pursuits, revealing a side of Rizal that goes beyond his well-known roles as a writer, patriot, and national hero.

Description: 192 pages : 28.5 x 26 cm

Language: English

ISBN: 978-971-575-060-8

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