INTRAMUROS: THE WALLED CITY Cut-and-Build Your Own Model Fort


Written by Adrian Panadero
Illustrated by Adrian Panadero
Published by Tahanan Books for Young Readers, ©2017.

The history of Intramuros, the old city of Manila, comes alive for young people in this ground-breaking book. INTRAMUROS: The Walled City is a paper cut-out model designed to be taken apart and assembled piece by piece by the whole family or by students in the classroom alone or as a group. Given the city’s 400-year history, creator Adrian Panadero chose to focus his book on the Intramuros of the 1800s, a time when Filipinos were awakening to a period of enlightenment after centuries of colonial rule.

Make your own miniature Intramuros while you learn about its story. Build its heart, the Plaza Mayor, and its historic fortress, Fort Santiago. Peer inside its houses and government buildings, imagine the people who walked its cobblestone streets and learn hands-on the amazing story behind its walls.

Description: 5 worksheets

Language: English

ISBN: 978-621-422-002-1

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