Imprenta de Ramírez y Giraudier: A Story of Late Nineteenth-Century Philippine Intellectuality (SB)



By Lino L. Dizon
With a foreword by Florentino Rodao
Published by Vibal Group inc., ©2023.

During the period of intellectual enlightenment that produced the ilustrado movement in the nineteenth century, the press was a vital medium that enabled Filipinos to discuss the state of the country and bring about political action. Pivotal to this era was the publishing firm Imprenta de Ramírez y Giraudier, founded by noted typographer Don Manuel Ramírez y Carvajal and lithographer-artist Baltasar Giraudier y Ortega. The themes and perspectives covered in the books, pamphlets, and other publications produced over nearly three decades of operation—including the influential periodicals Ilustración Filipina, the Revista de Filipinas, and the Diario de Manila—laid the groundwork for what would be the modern field of Philippine studies.

Dr. Lino L. Dizon establishes the foundational influence of the Imprenta de Ramírez y Giraudier on Philippine intellectual history. He further enriches his narrative by including a comprehensive overview of the history of printing and publishing in the Philippines and an authoritative listing of the firm’s many publications. The visionary editor and writer José Felipe Del-Pan stands out among the many eminent figures who worked for the Imprenta, paving the way for the rise of journalism as an engine of social transformation that eventually led to the emergence of the Propaganda Movement and, ultimately, the Philippine Revolution of 1896.

Description: 168 pages ; 22.8 x 15 cm

Language: English

ISBN 978-971-97-0800-1

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