Mapua Designer Tops Jewelry Awards

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byCassie Cheng

To win a design competition is tough enough. To win the top prizes, besting 250 other people, speaks of not sheer luck but raw talent shining. Such was the case when Mapua Institute of Technology Industrial design student Marianne Frisnedi the top positions for the three design categories of this year’s prestigious 2nd Philippine Jewelry Design Competition and edged out the 13 other design finalists submitted by students and professionals alike.

Fresnedi’s winning designs included the “Interwoven Necklace”, whose concept is derived from weaved abaka inspired by the likeness of pandan leaves made from gold and diamonds; and the “C Pendant”, a design tribute to the Philippine carabao and made from gold and silver and incorporates Kamagong for the horns. The two designs won the first place for the precious metals and gemstones and precious metals and non-traditional materials categories, respectively. Her designs were crafted by Sterling Gifts Inc., her sponsor in the competition.

Fresnedi also shone the brightest when the C Pendant was named as the best of the best for this year’s design competition, which came with a P30,000 grand prize which added to the P40,000 pesos she had won for her two category wins.

When asked if her career plans would now be influenced by her win, she answered, “I had originally planned to take a job with a major clothing firm, but now I might seriously consider taking up a career in jewelry design.”

Jay Camus, chairman of the design competition and director of the Guild of Philippine Jewellers Inc, described the affair as the birth of the country’s next generation of jewellery designers. “We planned this project to be the showcase of fresh talent. That is why students were strongly encouraged to participate. Individuals having no ties to the industry were likewise invited to join,” said Camus. The previous jewellery design competition, held in 1998, marked the beginning of the advocacy to raise the standard of the country’s jewelry industry and helped showcase the Guild’s commitment to the advancement and global recognition of the Philippine fine jewellery industry, as well as serve as the platform for discovering new talents in craftsmanship and design of precious personal ornaments.

The Mapua Institute of Technology, the educational institution under the Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC) has been churning out talented designers and animators under its various design and arts programs. The top awards by one of its students in this competition made the exhibition of special winning pieces worthy of public appreciation and are presently on exhibit at the Yuchengco Museum. (For information, please call 889-1234).


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