Brook Andrew: Eye to Eye

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byCassie Cheng

The first major survey of the artist’s work, Brook Andrew: Eye to Eye interrogates the politics of difference and, closely entwined, the implications of ‘the gaze’. Eye to eye, across land and cultures, Andrew explores the promising and yet fractured grounds of our contemporary intercultural engagement. Reflecting equally on global mass media and traditional grassroots aesthetics, the artist asks us to consider the construction of history and power, identity and invisibility; in black, white, and many shades of grey.

Covering the scope of the artist’s practice over the past decade, this exhibition encompasses photography, printmaking, sculpture, and neon installations. Deftly connecting aesthetics and polemics, Andrew creates striking and insightful works which neatly encapsulate complex, conceptual, and theoretical questions which emerge from lived experience.

In his apparently simple choreography of text and image, we begin to see the complexity and beauty at the heart of Brook Andrew’s work—in the poetics of space and public address, the spectacle of light and sight, in the echo of memory and the pressure of historical consciousness.

Brook Andrew: Eye to Eye will be launched in Manila and will then tour Singapore in November 2008.


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