Blumentritt and Rizal: The Austrian Friend behind the Philippine National Hero

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byCassie Cheng

Book Launch
6:30 pm, June 21, 2011
Yuchengco Museum, Makati City

In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Jose Rizal, the Philippine Austrian Cultural Society and AUSTROMEDIA introduce the latest edition of the impressive story of Ferdinand Blumentritt, the closest friend and companion of the Philippine National Hero.

H.E. Mag. Wilhelm Donko, Ambassador of Austria will give the keynote speech on the unique friendship between Ferdinand Blumentritt and Jose Rizal. Present at the event to speak in honor of his father will be the son of the late author, Peter Sichrovsky, former member of European parliament and Honorary Consul Prof. Dr. Christian Traweger, who talk about the traces of Blumentritt to the province of Tyrol. Additionally there will be the first public presentation of the painting Noli Me Tangere, by the great grandchild of Dr. Ferdinand Blumentritt.

Blumentritt, born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, was a teacher, lecturer and author of articles and books on the Philippines. His works include the translation of Rizal’s first book, Noli me Tangere, into German. He is well known amongst Filipinos for his close relationship with Jose Rizal. The numerous correspondences between the two provide a critical reference for Rizal historians and supporters, and serve as a representation for current-day Austrian-Filipino relations.

The late author, Professor Harry Sichrovsky, was an Austrian Journalist. As an exile from Nazi Germany in England, Sichrovsky spent several years volunteering for the British Army. These duties called for him to serve throughout the Asia Pacific region, thus sparking his interests in Asian socio-politics. Prof. Sichrovksy has written extensively on Asian subject matter and produced books on various Asian countries and regions. In 1983 Sichrovsky appeared in Fort Santiago, Manila to speak at the 17th Jose Rizal Lecture.

The event is being put on by the Philippine Austrian Cultural Society (PACS) together with the support of the Austrian Embassy. PACS was established in 1962 in an effort to foster closer ties between Austria and the Philippines. The society aims to promote the exchange of cultural information and impart knowledge in various fields of the arts.

Culinary delights from Austria, created by Chef Norbert Gandler from Aubergine restaurant will be served on this evening.

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