Entitled Architecton, the eponymous exhibit features modern architecture by the Moscow architectural firm. Through photographs, albums, and monographs, the show highlights Architecton’s timeless, glorious, and imaginative design and approach over the past decade.

Architecton was founded in Moscow, Russia in 2001 by Alexander Zusik and Ekaterina Seregina. Over the past decade, more than 200 buildings have been built based on their designs. The firm focuses on project designs for residences, housing, hotels and resorts, restaurants, office buildings, and public institutions.

Architecton captures the different aspects of the company’s current architectural practices. “We practice a position of healthy conservatism, based on top professional achievements and based on urban development concepts from the pre-Industrial age,” shares Zusik, who is the firm’s director general. “We are not committed to any particular style or fashion. We search for new inspiration, relying on our years of experience.”

Architecton is presented by the Embassy of the Philippines in Russia, the Embassy of Russia in the Philippines, Architecton’s local partner Philippine Russia International Development Enterprise, Philippine International Trading Corporation, and Yuchengco Museum in celebration of 35 years of diplomatic relations between Russia and the Philippines.


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