Luna, Arquitecto


By Saul Hofileña, Jr.
Published by Baybayin Publishing, ©2021

This is magnificent social history and with this book, Saul Hofileña, Jr. establishes himself as one of our major historians.
-F. Sionil Jose National Artist for Literature (2001)
We thank Saul Hofileña, Jr. for taking Andres out of the shadows with this energetic portrait of the man. Hofileña is an accomplished lawyer by profession, specializing in international law, but intellectually adventurous. In his books, he has always shown a lively social imagination and a fresh, adventurous intelligence.
-Dr. Resil B. Mojares National Artists for Literature (2018)
In this book, Hofileña unravels the mystery of why a French jury voted to exonerate Juan Luna. Hew goes on to explain why Luna’s hasty acquittal was not in accordance with the law.
By using the French Code Penal of 1810 and the Spanish Codigo Penal of 1887, both of which were applicable at the time of the deaths of the two Pardo de Tavera women; as well as legal commentaries and even 19th-century statistics, Hofileña deftly puts to rest a controversy that has rankled historians and the best legal minds.
-Justice Jose Mendoza Retired Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines
Regular Member, Judicial and Bar Council
Description: 222 pages : color illustrations ; 23 x 26 cm
Language: English
ISBN: 978-621-96401-0-7

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