Harvest Moon: Poems and Stories from the Edge of the Climate Crisis (SB)



Edited by Padmapani L. Perez, et al.
Published by Milflores Publishing Inc. ©2021.

Harvest Moon is an anthology of loves and lives, of stories that thrive where borders and edges meet and where fates merge and collide like bodies of water seeking oceans and tides encountering clouds and landfall, habitats and hives. This anthology of 30 images and over 30 poems, stories, and essays about the climate crisis brings together writers, photographers, and artists from Africa, Asia, the Pacific, and Latin America. The pages of this book span generations, countries, habitats, languages, and multiple realities.

In keeping with the vision of a beautiful yet accessible book for diverse readers living in the time of climate crisis, the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities is offering this limited Philippine edition at a significantly marked down price!

Description: 307 pages pages ; 25.8 x 20.6 cm

Language: English

ISBN: 978-971-828-114-7

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