Stepping in Pinoy Style




In order to reinforce the dialogue of cultures, Filipino artists and designers bring their contribution to the French touring exhibition Portraits of Shoes, Stories of Feet—an exhibit curated by Yuchengco Museum entitled Stepping in Pinoy Style. Like the major exhibition, Stepping in Pinoy Style looks at the range of Filipino footwear through the centuries. One of the highlights is a display of traditional Filipino footwear such as the venerable bakya, the tsinelas, velvety alfombras, and beaded corchos. The exhibit also showcases several pairs once owned by prominent Filipino personalities generously lent by the Marikina Shoe Museum.

Contemporary Designs

Filipino contemporary shoe designers have a wealth of local and global traditions from where they derive inspiration for their designs. They have breathed new life into the humble bakya, carving and painting wooden heels, stylizing old forms, and mixing new material for the upper. The corchos or beaded slippers have also evolved into high heeled shoes and today, designed by Filipinos, find their way to fashion stores of the world, and are also worn with prestige and elegance in the international scene.

Others designers have focused on using traditional materials while creating cutting edge global design pieces that stand at par with any other international shoe designer.

Participating local designers, collections, and shoe manufacturers in this exhibition are:

  • Lila Almario
  • Maco Custodio
  • Cesar Gaupo
  • Emi Jorge
  • Joanna Litton
  • Ann Tiukinhoy Pamintuan
  • Brian Tenorio
  • Kermit Tesoro
  • Patis Tesoro
  • Contex International Manila
  • Le Donne-Bolzano Shoe Corp.
  • Marikina Shoe Museum

Stepping in Pinoy Style is a complementary show to the exhibition Portraits of Shoes, Stories of Feet.


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