RIZALizing the Future




RIZALizing, verb. a continuing process of imbibing, becoming, and carrying out the essence of Rizal.

National hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal is present in the Filipino psyche, with his iconic image and enduring spirit experienced in all aspects of our culture, landscape, and industries that move our economy and our daily life. Rizal is an example that the Filipino race has given birth to an individual endowed with the highest attributes that could be considered an honor to humanity.

RIZALizing the Future the exhibition presents the challenge to cultivate all our good qualities in order to perfect ourselves and, together, build a race proud and strong. Through his writings, Rizal offers a visionary look at what we Filipinos and our country can become.

The exhibition at the YuchengcoMuseum presents Rizal in popular format, surveying the various trends, industries, brands, movements, and directions that have pointed to Rizal as the root of inspiration.

Using a wide variety of paintings, memorabilia, popular icons, books, illustrations, contemporary artwork, archival photographs, and costumes and fashion, the exhibit is envisioned to bring Rizal closer to a general audience.

The question that RIZALizing the Future raises to all Filipinos is “Have we lived up to the vision our national hero set out for us?”

RIZALizing the Future is presented by Yuchengco Museum in celebration of the 150th birth anniversary of National Hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal.


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