The Murillo Bulletin: Journal of PHIMCOS, Issue No.14


Published by PHIMCOS, the Philippine Map Collectors Society, Inc., ©2022.

The second 2022 issue features 6 presentations:

1) The Naming of Cebu by Margarita V. Binamira and Peter Geralt

2) Cebu City: A Cartographic Chronicle by Margarita V. Binamir

3) The Lost Waterways of Cebu City by Dr. Maricor N. Soriano

4) Photographers of Colonial Cebu by Michael C. Price

5) Faros y Fanales: Cebu’s Spanish Lighthouse by Peter Geralt

6) Straits: Beyond the Myth of Magellan reviewed by Andoni F. Aboitiz

Description: 76 pages : color illustrations ; 30 x 21 cm

Language: English

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