MÉME: The Baby Book


Written by: Reni Roxas
Illustrated by: Kora Dandan Albaro
Published by Tahanan Books for Young Readers, ©2020.

Sometimes, the best gift of all is the gift of sleep.

Made for expecting parents or families with newborn babies, Méme is a picture book that chronicles a single day in the life of a baby. Long before it was used to describe a virally transmitted unit of information, méme was a well-worn word passed from parent to child for generations of Filipinos. To this day, there are families who practice this time-honored tradition, when whispering “méme” to an infant meant to give him the best gift of all—the gift of sleep.

Filipino families living here and abroad will also appreciate a parallel bilingual text that uses basic, easy-to-understand Filipino words. Mothers and fathers are encouraged to read the book to their child, and then with their child, and finally, have the toddler child read the book on their own. The author hopes that very young children will see themselves in the pages and know that they are the star of this book.

Ages: 0 to 4

Description: 32 pages : color illustration ; 25 x 23 cm

Language: Bilingual (Filipino-English)

ISBN: 978-621-422-028-1

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