Swiss Positions: 33 Takes on Sustainable Approaches to Building




The excellent reputation and high profile of Swiss architecture and engineering today are due not only to the quality of technical expertise and inventiveness of their authors, but also to a strong determination to pursue the objective of sustainable development.

This exhibition presents the architectural and engineering achievements of the past 20 years from the perspective of gifted photographers. The 33 exhibits explore different angles with regard to construction, materials, ecology, and protection of the environment, while at the same time underlining their uniqueness. These architectural works—whether viewed from a technological, organic, vernacular or bioclimatic angle, or from a social perspective—interact with the context in which they are created.

What is the decisive factor for realizing responsible architecture? What influence does the territory have on architectural choices, depending on whether the site is an urban environment, wild countryside, a recreational zone, a rural zone, or a remote bypass? Do ecological materials and energy efficiency determine the nature of sustainable structures?

This exhibition shows that sustainable development is not a ready-made formula, but a group of varied architectural practices which raise a number of questions concerning both creativity and sustainability. In Switzerland, architects design, renovate, or rehabilitate buildings with sustainable development in mind. These projects show that inventive and visually arresting architecture is possible while, at the same time, complying with demanding environmental and economic constraints.

Swiss Positions: 33 Takes on Sustainable Approaches to Building is a traveling exhibit presented by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and the Swiss Embassy Manila in celebration of 150 years of diplomatic relations between Switzerland and the Philippines.


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