Enchanting Taiwan




A knowledge of its nature and culture is the key to a deeper understanding of Taiwan.

If photography is a form of vision, then lovers of the art have their mind’s eye to see the world. To enable audiences abroad to better appreciate Taiwan’s natural beauty and cultural splendor, the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office is presenting works by Taiwan’s top photographers. The exhibit reveals Taiwan’s superb nature and culture, bringing you closer to Taiwan, and presents a fresh perspective on this enchanting land.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Using film and paper, the discerning photographers capture light and freeze the moment to document the story of Taiwan in pictures. We send these photos out to the world as ambassadors of goodwill, helping friends abroad develop a greater understanding and appreciation of Taiwan. It is our hope that these images will leave a lasting impression of “enchanting Taiwan” in the minds of audiences everywhere.

On display is a collection of about 37 photographs of nature in its majestic splendor, Taiwan’s flourishing culture and economic development captured by the discerning eyes of Taiwan’s top photographers. The exhibit will fascinate audiences with Taiwan’s natural heritage and its folk customs and traditions. Viewers will leave with a new perception, deeper understanding, and appreciation of Taiwan and its people.

Enchanting Taiwan is an international touring exhibition presented by the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office in Manila. 


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