Eduardo Castrillo @ 50: Moving the Legacy Forward




Eduardo Castrillo (1942–2016), the awarded nationalist sculptor, jewelry designer, monument maker, and pioneering radical in the visual arts who passed away in May this year, would have marked his golden anniversary as an artist. Eduardo Castrillo @ 50: Moving the Legacy Forward is the first in a series of multi-venue exhibitions and events planned until 2017 to highlight various phases of the late sculptor’s artistic career.

This exhibition illustrates Castrillo’s legacy of innovation, scale, and experimentation. Rare, unique pieces from the Castrillo family and estate highlight the sculptor’s tenacity to break new ground in terms of medium, form, and technique. Through its Samsung Culture Connect program, Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation looks into Castrillo’s influence as a monument maker through video, mobile applications, 360-degree panoramic photographs, and virtual reality. Finally, the exhibition showcases the expressions of the artist’s next generation of kin—the Castrillo Legacy Art Studio—echoing the master’s influence and carrying the Castrillo legacy forward.

Eduardo Castrillo @ 50: Moving the Legacy Forward is presented in partnership with Samsung Culture Connect and the Castrillo Legacy Art Studio.


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