BenCab in Two Movements




National Artist for Visual Arts Benedicto “BenCab” Cabrera has always been interested in movement and form. His paintings are infused with vigorous rhythmic brush strokes, flowing lines, and spirited body movements.

Samsung Electronics Philippines supports Yuchengco Museum’s tribute exhibition to BenCab in celebration of his 50 creative years as an artist. Entitled BenCab in Two Movements, the interactive exhibit highlights BenCab’s handpicked works which capture his collaborations with London-based Chinese dancer San Lee and with Polish dancer and choreographer Paulina Wycichowska.

BenCab in Two Movements provides visitors immersive experiences, as well as information about creative journeys between a painter and a dancer. Learn more about the paintings on display, watch BenCab’s brush paintings come to life, or sign your special greetings to the National Artist on the digital guestbook.


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