AnnTiu.Alchemy marks the formal launch of designer Ann Tiukinhoy Pamintuan’s jewelry line. In the hands of the artist, base botanical matter—roots, leaves, flowers, and other small objects of nature—transforms into exquisite, one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Pamintuan creates such expression that bridges the understanding of art as design, design as art. She keeps the integrity of the piece first as an artistic expression, second as a functional utilitarian form. Design excellence is achieved in this integration.

The exhibit also chronicles Pamintuan’s transformative journey as an artist. The exhibit is especially a tribute to her roots. Her serious work as an artist began with her experiment with these vital botanical organs. She shaped roots into vases, home accessories, and jewelry, and gave them permanence by casting them in metal. As she ventured into more ambitious and inspired work, she began to receive both local and international recognition.

In this collection, we experience adornment as a progression from the bigger sculptural pieces such as chairs, tables, and home décor for which she is known for. The artist-designer moves to smaller intimate jewelry, echoing the same organic flow… straddling both the figurative and abstract.

At the same time, the exhibit reveals the force of Pamintuan’s intuition and how it can give rise to the potent and spare elegance of her designs.


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