Anita Magsaysay Ho: From Egg Tempera to Print




The exhibition presents a selection of egg tempera paintings created by Anita Magsaysay Ho from the 1950s to 2006. The paintings, generously loaned by various private collectors and institutions, provide a glimpse into the long artistic journey of Anita and her passion for depicting the beauty and strength of her homeland, particularly the arduous Filipina.

The exhibition is accompanied by a series of handmade etchings which Anita recently created in collaboration with the distinguished Singapore Tyler Print Institute. Initiated by rendering in pencil directly onto transparent Mylar films, the images by Anita were then transferred to copper plates where the lines became etched into the metal using a mild acid in preparation for subsequent coloring and transferring onto paper. The entire process revolves around artistic and technical discourse and development between artist and master printer: Combining variations in paper type and color, specially handmade at the Institute’s paper mill, the etchings culminated into a body of both monoprints and editioned prints which reflect the spirit of Anita’s sketches, the genesis of many of her paintings which we have come to know and appreciate.

Anita Magsaysay Ho: From Egg Tempera to Print is presented by Matin Tran Art Consultancy for the benefit of Home Family Home.


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