Immaterial: The Art of Augusto Albor (HB)



By Cid Reyes
Published by Art Informal Worshop, ©2010.


“Immaterial: The Art of Augusto Albor” is a book that chronicles the life and work of renowned abstract painter and sculptor Augusto Albor, spanning four decades of his career. The book features full-color reproductions of his works, including oil on canvas paintings, mixed media works, paper-based illustrations, large-scale sculptures, and installation art works that manifest Albor’s distinct partiality for minimal color registers, with extreme subtlety, soft transitions, and muted harmonies.

Cid Reyes, who authored Albor’s coffee table book “Immaterial,” writes that Albor has set for himself the insanely ambitious task of translating physics into painting. Indeed, it is a view into the seeming invisible.

Description: 194 pages : 29.2 x 29.2 cm

Language: English

ISBN: 978-971-94793-0-7

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