Praise to Nature: the Art of Arsenia Lim




Arsenia Lim, also known by her Chinese name Tsai Shiu Yuin, brings her love for calligraphy, landscapes, flowers and birds to be shared with the general public. She combines the Chinese traditional water-and-ink spirit, Western sketching techniques, with realistic and freehand brushwork in this, her 8th solo exhibit, entitled Praise to Nature.

Lim studied Chinese painting under Filipino-Chinese painter Yang Keng-Tang, and added calligraphy at the National Taiwan University. There, she formally trained with flower and bird master Yu Zong-Lin, landscape master Hu Nien-Zhu, as well as National Artist Lin Yu-San; while she learned calligraphy from notable Taiwanese painters.

A teacher at heart, Arsenia Lim taught Chinese literature, history as well as painting upon her return to the Philippines in the mid-1960s. She then pursued a full-time career as Chinese painting teacher by establishing workshops, which is now on its 40th year. In 2006, she launched her Chinese painting classes, Shui Mo, at Yuchengco Museum. She continues to be a prolific artist, having had seven solo shows and participated in over a hundred group exhibits here and abroad.


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