Cultural China – Artworks of 8 famous calligraphers and painters from Shandong, China




About 100 works of Chinese calligraphers and painters from Shandong province are now shown for a special three-day exhibit until March 20.

Mr. Carlos Chan, chairman emeritus of Liwayway Marketing Corporation, said the exhibit hopes to add to the cultural exchange between China and the Philippines. “We hope these artworks would add to the Filipinos’ awareness of the Chinese culture,” Mr. Chan said. The exhibit features the works of Que Zhenliang, Han Wei, Wu Yongfu, Xu Kang, Wu Jianjun, Wang Pande, Dong Haiquan, and Wang Yijun. Nature—in the form of flowers, fruits, birds, and landscapes—is the prevalent theme in most of the pieces on display.

Cultural China is presented by the Shandong Overseas Exchange Association, Liwayway Marketing Corporation, and the Shandong Overseas Calligraphy and Painting Institute.


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