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Cone Room (3rd Floor, Yuchengco Museum

Hatch is one of Manila Bulletin’s innovative projects designed to showcase the creative genius of Filipino artists. Initially, this project was organized for local artists to gather during Easter.

Hatch placed a modern and sophisticated twist on the traditional ritual of painting eggs by showcasing the exquisite talent of artists from various disciplines in painting on an unconventional and unexpected medium – acrylic egg. Artists were challenged to adapt their respective styles on medium. As expected, Filipino artists surpassed expectations and delightfully worked on this new medium.

Through Hatch, the Filipino art scene has found a new and unique medium for artists to work on. Likewise, guests of the exhibition were introduced to a new art form as the Hatch exhibition was brought from one city to another instead of being  confined in just one location.

See 100 beautifully thought out, crafted, designed and created one of a kind pieces in the shape of an egg here at the Cone Room (3rd Floor) at the Yuchengco Museum. This exhibit will run until August 15, 2019.

Hatch is an exhibit in partnership with Manila Bulletin.

Yuchengco Museum Board of Directors with Mr. Sonny Coloma EVP (Manila Bulletin)

Marshland – Edgar Doctor

Cradle of Life – Ferdinand Cacnio

The Goose Has Laid – Margie Organo

Karuzel – Danny Rayos del Sol

Dalawang Sagwan – Demet dela Cruz x Migi Sebastian

Circle of Time – Mario de Rivera

Profusion – Eman Santos

School of Fish – Kublai

Bookworms – Monnar Baldemor

Fragile – Jinggoy Salcedo

If Anyone is with Christ, He is a New Creation – Inna Vista

The Nymphs Surrounding Bougainvilla Flowers – Caloy Gabuco