Exhibit Themes

Sino-Filipino Expressions

4273312This series brings to the fore excellent artistic and creative expressions by Chinese Filipinos, and looks at the best attributes of a twin-heritage—Chinese ancestry where virtues of hard-work, skill, and craftsmanship are highly regarded, and the Filipino’s highly expressive and adaptive sensibility. As a means to foster greater appreciation and establish connections, the series likewise engages the viewers in a continuing dialogue on the Chinese Filipinos’ unique vision and view of their identities, of their country and its people, and of the world.

Bridging Cultures

7845796Culture and its many expressions have always been a bridge to foster a deeper understanding between peoples. As an exhibition venue, the Museum serves as a cultural bridge to Asian and Pacific Rim communities and the rest of the world. From political and historical exhibitions, contemporary visual arts, and traditional arts and crafts to innovative trends in art, design, and popular culture exhibitions, a survey of a regional worldview is observed, helping the Filipino define and assert his place globally.

Design as Art, Art as Design

9029643A design creation must express its utility in such a way that the aesthetic debate—whether form precedes function or vice versa—is nonexistent. Designers practice across numerous creative fields and bring into their best work a sensibility specific to their own culture—a distinctive form, a particular detail, an attitude. They share this sensibility with us as we use their creations, thus introducing and filling the need for art in everyone’s lives. Through this series, the museum intends to define excellence in both expressions in a variety of forms, reviewing a mix of foreign or homegrown influences on art and design.

Culture and Development

MCV_1176The Yuchengco Museum adds a new direction in positioning all its exhibitions, events, and activities to support culture as a main pillar in national development. Part of the search for and scholarly debate over Filipino national identity, and the seeming dearth of values in mass media and pop culture, stem from the fact that information about who we are, what we are about, and what we are expressing—is lacking. And this is what culture is all about. Our exhibitions are inspired by the creative industries to highlight design. Through our Saturday Culture and Development talks by various experts, we hope to bring tradition and heritage to the forefront of what needs to be preserved in Filipino culture, to highlight our unique values, and to identify what aspects of our culture can be intertwined with our modern-day lives.